Real Estate Solutions Group (RESGroup) offers a full range of real estate consultancy services to clients both public and private.

Market Analysis

Market studies are used to assist clients in understanding the drivers of supply and demand for proposed projects. The results of our market analyses allow both public and private clients to plan project phasing of single- and mixed-use developments and estimate financial feasibility, and can be useful to the public sector in the developer selection process. Our experience extends from the typical office, residential, retail, industrial, and hotel uses to the more special-use facilities including large-scale, mixed-use complexes, sport facilities, convention/conference facilities, recreational, museum, public markets, and other non-traditional projects.

Financial Analysis

Financial models are created with the flexibility to respond to a variety of assumptions and conditions in order to evaluate changes in development plans, market, and financial conditions. Financial analysis and the creation of pro formas provide clients with a useful analytical tool for evaluating the potential for project success and returns on investment, negotiating agreements, and analyzing proposals presented by developers.

Developer Selection Process

The RESGroup team works closely with public sector and institutional clients to optimize revenue from under-utilized real estate by identifying developers to enter into long-term leases or sale agreements. We provide objective assistance in the attraction, evaluation, and selection of the most capable developer(s) while maximizing the return to our clients. Proposals are evaluated according to the client’s selection criteria and are formally analyzed for economic strength, as well as financial and economic return to the client and the surrounding community. Proposals are objectively ranked to weigh advantages, disadvantages, and associated risks. Finally, we are available to assist our clients throughout the negotiation process with the selected developer.

Public/Private Financing and Strategies

Taking into account local financing incentives, tax incentives and other methods, we assist our clients in structuring financing for projects that may not otherwise succeed. RESGroup assists public clients and developers in structuring the financing for projects that require a subsidy in order to achieve economic feasibility. We examine the financial strength of the project, as well as the sources and uses, and identify the “gap”. In addition, we can identify sources of funding and assist in the negotiation process.

Development Strategies, Planning and Implementation

Other services offered by Real Estate Solutions Group are intended to assist our clients to compete effectively throughout all stages of the real estate development process. These may include portfolio and management strategies, asset disposition strategies, strategic redevelopment planning, project implementation.

Economic Development Services

We provide a range of services to economic development corporations and agencies that are both project- and program-oriented. Real Estate Solutions Group assists new and existing entities in the evaluation of their organization and management, and in the creation of incentive programs, and development of comprehensive strategies, that will make them effective organizations in their communities.