Newtown Creek Brownfield Opportunity Area

Greenpoint Manufacturing & Design Center (“GMDC”)

BOA Step 2 Nomination Report – Greenpoint, NY

A steering committee including the GMDC, the Newtown Creek Alliance (NCA”) and Riverkeeper received New York State funding to prepare a Step 2 Nomination Study for the Newtown Creek Brownfield Opportunity Area (“BOA”).  The Newtown Creek BOA includes portions of the Hunter’s Point, Blissville, Long Island City, and Maspeth neighborhoods in Queens, and the Greenpoint and East Williamsburg neighborhoods in Brooklyn.  In addition to the area’s long history of industrial use, it is proximate to dense commercial and residential areas in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, and also has access to highways, freight rail and maritime transport. 

 RESGroup completed an extensive real estate market analysis to understand the potential demand for various types of industrial and commercial space in the Newtown Creek BOA, and analyzed the potential market for new industrial development.  Market rents by type of industrial use were combined with estimates of construction costs, land prices, and available subsidies to understand which types of industrial development were most feasible.  The financial impact of sustainability initiatives, such as roof-top solar panels or hydroponic greenhouses, were also considered. 

RESGroup also participated in an extensive survey of existing tenants and land owners within the Newtown Creek BOA.  This survey gathered information regarding the types of businesses, number of employees, space requirements, location preferences, commuting patterns, and other pertinent data for the many companies located along the Creek.  The survey results were combined with the available economic and demographic data for the BOA’s businesses and residents to fully understand how the BOA planning process could simultaneously address the needs of the area’s daytime and nighttime populations.